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Attitude Shayari in English: This page contains 100+ Attitude Shayari in English for you. you can use these Shayari and Images for your personal use. Put them on your whatsapp status to show your attitude.

Attitude Shayari in English for you

I have an attitude for those
who force me to show them..!

Do you think I am Bad Then you are wrong I am Worst…!

Kuch achcha likhne ke liye galat likhna padta hai,
Mazil par pahuchne ke liye bahut si majburiyon se guzarna padta hai..!

Some people consider themselves lions,
But they are those people,
Those who move like lions and walk like dogs..!

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind

Remember, your present situation is not your final destination..!

Love me? Great.
Hate me? Even Better.
Don’t know me?
Don’t judge me !

Be a man with goals
Not a boy with wishes..!

Choose me or lose me.
I’m not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice..!

Yes, I have changed Because my old version is too weak..!

I have a new theory in life
What other people think of me
is truly none of my business ..!

Attitude shayari for girls in English

Don’t Take My Kindness As A Sign Of Weakness..!

Badalne ke liye nahi,
Kuch badalne ke liye badalna bahut zaruri tha..!

The location will be known when the time comes, friend,
No matter how much the vulture cries at night, the lion dominates in the morning..!

No matter how good a person you are
You’re always bad in someone’s story..!

Don’t be easy to define.
Let them wonder about you…!

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back..!

I never laughed at you,
Instead, I cried and laughed at you..!

Jealousy in the eyes of man is far more dangerous than the venom in snake corals..!

I have attitude for those who force me to show them..!

Your life becomes a masterpiece, When you learn to master peace..!

In tune with everyone
It is not possible for me to walk.
Because I’m human
Not the tabla…!

There is nothing wrong with “creation” unless it is in our “vision”..!

Born to express, not to impress..!

When I Care, I don’t leave, and Once I leave, I don’t care…!

Not everyone deserves to know the real you,
Let them criticize who they think you are..!

My attitude based on how you treat me…!

In order to be happy in life, sometimes forgetfulness is very necessary..!

I am not perfect but I am limited Edition..!

Be quiet but notice everything..!

Royal Attitude status in English

My attitude is a result of your actions. So if you don’t like my attitude, blame yourself..!

I don’t need to prove anything to anyone God knows who I am..!

What determines our mood forever is our behavior, not the compliments of others..!

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters..!

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve. The fear of failure..!

Never underestimate me because I am more than you think..!

Don’t forget the lifestyle You have promised to yourself..!

Never give up, never surrender, go beast mode, raise up and make it happen..!

Being broke is part of the game staying broke is some personal shit..!

Remember that King is king with or without a queen…!

I don’t react but, trust me.
I notice everything…!

My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are..!

Prioritize your own Happiness..!

Self-confidence is the best outfit Rock it, own it…!

Life is short spend it with the people who make you laugh and feel loved…!

I am who you couldn’t even dare to be…!

Never let a bad day
Make you feel like
You have a bad life

Attitude is like underwear Don’t show it just wore it..!

Judge me when you are perfect..!

If you have patience you have everything, if you have humility you have success..!

The trouble with not having lovers is the trouble with loving too much so I want to say what should not be overdone…!]

Don’t judge my choices if you don’t understand my reason…!

Take me as I am, or watch me as I go…!

Peace of mind, which is the peace of your life, starts with your thoughts..!

Too many people too many shades Nobody’s Stays Everybody fades..!

Talent takes you to the top, But behavior decides how long you stay there..!

I don’t need your approval to be me..!

When Money speaks
Nobody checks the grammar..!

Thank you for the pain; it made me raise my game..!

Don’t hate me
just get to know me first…!

Attitude shayari in English for Instagram bio

Don’t show your weakness to the world. Because world is much interested to play with it…!

f you want me to control my temper
you need to control your stupidity..!

Do 99 things for someone
And all they remember is the
one thing you didn’t do..!

Of course, I struggle, But I will never quit…!

Great things never came
from the comfort zone..!

Choose a good heart not a good face…!

F*ck Fake Love
And half-ass friend..!

I am actually a very nice person
until you piss me off.”..!

Sometime it’s better just
To remain silent and smile.!

Be a good person but don’t waste your time proving it..!

If they say its Impossible
It’s impossible for them not for you..!

You left without a reason,
So please don’t come back with excuses..!

If you want me to control my temper
you need to control your stupidity..!

Do not expect someone to come and understand your pain. you need courage yourself you need to stand up for yourself…!

Don’t follow your dreams, follow me…!

Don’t look back
You are not going to that way..!

Life is a battlefield
There must be ups and downs
When everything is over
But victory will come..!

It’s my life,
so keep your nose out of it…!

Which is possible for whom and when who knows? must be constantly trying…!

I’m your worst nightmare…!

Never say “No one likes me”
Always say ” No one is like me “

Don’t take my kindness
as a sign of weakness…!

We live in our own lives,
not in the trigger of a gun..!

When your “why is clear”
Then how is easy..!

One of the strongest weapons that can kill a man while he is alive is suspicion two shame…!

Attitude motivational shayari in English

You can’t spell awesome without ME…!

In the land of gods and monsters,
I was an angel…!

Some people are like birds
you help them to fly once
they’re in air and shit on you..!

You’re right,
Yes, I Deserve Better..!

I live, love, fight, cry,
But I never give up..!

Learning from every day
Acting is another profession…!

To honor others if you like society wants to respect you…!

Angel to some,
Devil to others…!

Some people around us are more interested in what others are doing than what we are doing….!

Don’t feed your ego with my soul..!

When your intentions are pure
You don’t lose anybody
They Lose you..!

You can always make money
But, you can’t get back time..!

Don’t respect what the world says,
Do not greet those who do not have a conscience..!

Of course your opinion matters,
just not to me..!

Who does not understand your value
Ignore them who will respect your value
Do not neglect them…!

Losing you
was my biggest win..!

I’m worth more than you can afford…!

Whose views you can not dictate your life so you do not need the opinion of others…!

My circle is small because
I am into quality, not quantity..!

Don’t surround
yourself from
snakes & Fakes..!

Who fears the fire,
He uses fire

Silence can be used as needed but.. if you are silent all the time, the society will mock you ..!

Where there is courage, there is success. Where there is success, there is joy. Happiness Inspires Health. And Health Increases Life expectancy..!

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