How to Write Quotes | 10 Tips for writing great Quotes


If you are looking for a proper guide how to write quotes and tips to write good quotes then you are on right place below are 5 step guide how to write quotes and 10+ tips on writing quotes.
For Many People, Writing Quotes Is A Hobby And Part Of Their Job. If You’re Looking For How To Write Quotes, Then You’ll Have To Do Your Research On The Subject, So That You’ll Be Able To Write Your Own.

Total Time: 15 days

Gather knowledge in the field you wish to write quotes about


Writing quotes is very similar to writing eBooks, because they both require a good knowledge of the subject. To help you start, read through this list of a few great quotations.

“If you’re going to succeed in life, you need to be willing to fail a little, just as you would have the success.” – Milton Glaser

In this quote the speakers seem to have a great knowledge about the topic. So if you are looking for How to write quotes then first you should gain knowledge in the specific field about which you are going to write.
You can find some great guides online that will teach you the basics of any topic. There are also several books that you can buy at your local bookstore. If you’re trying to get information fast and don’t want to waste time, you might want to check out a website that has resources about your topic.

Practice writing Quotes


The most important thing you can do when you’re learning how to write quotes is to practice and read through what you’ve already written.If you are searching looking for how to write quotes then i assume you have decided what kind of quote you are going to write.
so you should do a research about your niche You can also join online forums about your topic, where you can ask questions and discuss different aspects of the topic and also get great example quotes. When you do this you will know what kind of taste people related to your topic keep.

Look for inspiration


Once you have practiced enough quotes writing , you should look for other writers’ quotes on on pinterest in the same field which went famous and compare them with you to see what they did differently. You can also use other writers’ quotes to get new Ideas for your own quotes.
Read some mother’s day quotes

Use pen paper to write quotes


You think the modern world doesn’t need pen paper, then you are wrong. Writing quotes on paper with a pen brings out more creativity from you. While using a computer or a smartphone to type your quotes may look easier but this also brings a lot of distraction like notifications and emails.
Other than distraction using a smart device may lower down your mood to write because you use this things for many other works. You can read more about the benefits of writing on paper here.

Experience the things about which you want to write


“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” – Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela has struggled and fought apartheid so he knows a lot about slavery and in childhood he was also poor so he has knowledge and experience that’s why his quotes on this topic looks so perfect.
So you should also have some experience about the thing you are going to write quotes about, If you haven’t experienced such thing it will be much harder to write about it. In this case you should gather more knowledge about the topic.

Use common words


Quotes should be easy to remember, that’s how they get famous and remembering something which has a word like “antediluvian” won’t help it become a famous basically what I’m trying to say is use simplest common words which people can remember easily. You can use online tools like saurus to find easy similar words while writing quotes.

Also use unique words

Yes, I said use common words but many a times a single unique/new word within a group of simple words makes a quote catchy.
Many times you have noticed a new word is being used everywhere by everyone which you haven’t heard in ages. That’s because someone used it somewhere in such a way that it caught everyone’s attention. You can also use this tactic in your quote to make it look catchy.

Keep quotes length short


Many beginner quote writers make the mistake of writing long quotes but in reality the quotes which are shorter are more famous but this doesn’t mean you write a four word quote.
you should maintain your quotes within 15-30 words. Smaller than that are also liked but I suggest being within this is always better. Smaller one may work but don’t let your quotes length be higher than 30 words.

Use catchy sentences


How many times you listened to many songs but a single line of a single song got stuck in your mind and you kept repeating it the whole day. This happened because that line was very catchy. 
You can also use this technique in your quotes writing because quotes must be catchy otherwise what’s difference between a normal sentence and a quote.
Use some rhyming words in the quote that will create catchyness or use multiple words starting with the same letter in a single quote.

Use audience related story

In just a short quote, bring out a story from the topic which your audience can relate to, most of the people like anything which they can relate to so, even if your quote is trash but the audience can relate then you are good to go with it.

Relate the quote to history


Nothing influenced people more than a past story which did either something great or something frightening. Use a history reference in your quote that will influence people much better.

Use modified version of famous quotes from past


Getting a quote famous or in today’s world “viral” is not difficult if the audience already remembers half of the quote. 
Use the famous quotes my slightly modifying it, such quotes are easy to remember plus you already know people will like this kind of quote and it isn’t as hard as writing 100% original quotes.

To conclude, there are many people who claim to be experts on the topic. So, if you want to learn how to write quotes, there is a lot of information out there. If you’re serious about this hobby, you’ll need to learn the basics and then apply it to your quotes writing and most importantly you need to have patience and keep practicing.

Here is a short summary in story form to recap or for future reference.

Writing quotes isn’t that tough that someone need to take classes for comes naturally to many people and if you want to write yourself then you can practice but sometimes you should learn to let go because writing quotes isn’t for everyone.