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Everyday fathers work hard for thir  family but they dream thier son to be more successful then themselves that’s why sons should love and respect thier father more than anything in this world but sometimes sons fail to express thier feelings towards dad so This father’s day wish them with these great father’s day quotes, Father’s day wishes and messages for dad  and show them how you feel about him.

Father’s day caption

Friendship – you are a true friend
Affection – you always display your love for me
Teacher – you have been and still are my best life teacher
Humor – you display and showed me the importance of laughter
Enthusiasm – your never discouraged, you always encouraged
Role model – you are an example for me to follow!

Fathers day message from son

May the love and respect we feel for you make up for the worry and care we have caused you.

Inspirational fathers day messages

When anybody asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I tell them that no matter what I become, I want to be a man like my father.
Happy Father’s Day, dear daddy.


Dad, you are never wrong.
The only time you are
Wrong is when you think,
I forgot about you.
Love you Dad!
Have a grand Father’s Day!


Famous Quotes about fathers

A father is like a God
who gives all the happiness to his son,
I can’t live without you dad, I love you dad,
Happy Fathers Day Dad..!!

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Sad Father’s day status for dead Father

Every Father’s Day is a painful reminder of your absence in my life. Dad, I wish I could just turn back time and live out every single day of my childhood as if it were a grand Father’s Day celebration. I miss you papa.

Happy Fathers day wishes quotes

Thanks For Being My Father.
You Have Been A Source Of Inspiration
And Motivation To Me All These Years.
I Can Never Wish For A Better Father Than You.
I Love You dad.

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happy fathers day 2020

“You are my super hero, you are my lucky charm. You are a reason for my existence. Thank You Dad” — Happy Father’s Day Dad

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Fathers day wishes

Dad, you have been one of my greatest influences in life.
You have taught me many things, and the most important
The thing you have taught me is how to live a life with character.
Happy Dad Day 

You deserve to have a Father’s day,
For always being there for me and knowing what to say,
But I think you should have a lot more than that,
For being a perfect dad.

Father day wishes messages

“You are a perfect example of fatherhood. You are the best live example of God.” — Happy Father’s Day Dad

heartbreaking Breakup Shayari

“I got ultimate strength & power from you. I got introduced to real me just from you.”
Happy Father’s Day PAPA

Fathers day best wishes

“I opened my eyes and I saw you. I saw a dream & that was fulfilled by you. Thanks dad for all your great efforts for me.”
Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day means
More than flowers and gifts
It means saying Thank You
It means saying I Love You
You are the best dad
Today is your day.

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Short fathers day quotes

“I may not be the perfect son, but yes you are my perfect dad. I may make mistakes but I know you are there to rectify.”
Happy Father’s Day Dad

“The more I am growing, the more I become self-aware of all the sacrifices you did for me.”
Happy Father’s Day Dad

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“If the relationship of father to son could really be reduced to biology, The whole earth would blaze with the glory of fathers and sons.”
Happy Father’s Day

When my father gives me a gift, we both rejoice. But I don’t know why my father has tears in his eyes when I give him a gift instead.


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Every father wishes for his son to be more successful than himself. But I know that I will never be equal to my dad ever.

I have read a lot of superhero comics. But I am yet to find a superhero as strong and powerful as my daddy.

Best Fathers Day Quotes from Son

“I may not have been the best child in the world. But that didn’t stop you from being the best daddy ever! Thank you so much for everything!” Happy Father’s Day.


I don’t wish to be a star that shines bright at night. I wish to be like my dad who is a candle that makes everything light up at home. Happy Father’s Day!best-fathers-day-wish

“I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.” Happy Father’s Day

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