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Waking up with full enthusiasm keeps us motivated all day and good morning quotes can help us to get the kick-start we all need in the morning. In this modern era everyday is a battlefield,you wake up, take coffee, start your gym after workout you hurry to take shower and get ready to face the enemy who is none other than your colleague,who is competing you for the next promotion, or your client who wants your product at a cheaper rate.

Below are some good morning quotes for you and your family and friends you can also write your own quotes using these simple methods

We all know we aren’t superheroes so we can’t wake up and do whatever we like. We need motivation, we need positivity in the morning which can bring a smile on face after all we slept last night after fighting a long day war.You can also send these Good morning quotes to your close ones so that they can also get ahead of the curve while starting their day.

Funny Good Morning Quotes

  • Want to know a fact? wishing someone good morning doesn’t make their morning any good, anyways Good Morning
  • Sometimes people wish good morning to show off that they woke up early.
  • Your relative sent you good morning quotes? They are just testing whether you woke up early or not.
  • Wake up as early as possible otherwise your colleague may get promoted.But first make sure you have a job.
  • Wake up early, you have school to go,where your hot English teacher is waiting for you.
  • Why should you wake up in the morning? Maybe your girlfriend’s ex wakes up earlier than you.
  • I heard you were late at work yesterday but who cares, sleep as much you want.

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funny good morning quote
funny good morning quote
funny good morning quote

Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Her

  • The first ray of the morning shines on your face like a tiny droplet on a petal, Good Morning my angel.
  • I wish every morning I could see your innocent face while sleeping on our bed.
  • Good morning to the sparkle of my life.
  • Every morning when I wake up and look at your face I thank God for crafting such a masterpiece for me.
  • Staying away from you on such a wonderful morning causes a pain in my heart.
  • Good morning to the Queen who hacked into the heart of this lionhearted king.
  • The thought  that one day you will wake up beside me brings smiles to my face every time I wake up.
  • Lying beside you while the sun rises is the greatest privilege I would ever get. Good Morning sweetheart.

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Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Her Images

Good Morning Romantic Quote

Good Morning Romantic Quote

Good Morning Romantic Quote
Romantic Good Morning quote

Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Him

  • Good Morning my sunshine you make my dull morning into a lovely experience.
  • Every morning send me your wake up picture because your sleepy face gives me the best start of the day.
  • I want to wake up in your tough arms every morning. Good morning my sweet baby.
  • Last night I saw a dream, you woke me up with a cup of tea in your hand, I want it in real.
  • The first thought that comes in my mind every morning is to start every morning with you.
  • Every little thing done by you brings you closer to my heart. Good Morning my cute pineapple.
  • Sweetest things about morning is that I have you to talk to every morning.Good Morning baby.
  • I wake up early in the morning just to have some extra time to think about you. Good morning sweetheart.

Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Him images

Romantic Good-Morning-Love-Quotes-for-Him
Romantic Good Morning Love Quotes for Him
Romantic Good Morning Quotes for Him
Romantic Good Morning Quotes for Him

Good Morning Quotes for Friends

  • This morning I want you to wake up early and fight for your dreams. Good morning my dear friend.
  • Hey friend, this morning I pray to God for your wellness and have a perfect day for you.Good Morning 
  • I don’t know today what kind of trouble you may face but I promise you that I will always be there for you my friend.
  • Good Morning my lovely friend. I hope your day starts with a joyful smile on your face.
  • Hey you idiot wake up the sun is already above your head by the way Good Morning.
  • Good morning lazy sloth.Wake up fast or else I’m going to ask your daddy to wake your ass up in the morning from tomorrow.
  • Hey! I just woke up and the first thing that came in my mind was you because you are my closest friend who knows all my secrets. Good Morning

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Good Morning Quotes for Friends image

Good Morning Quotes for Friends